Martin is a soldier with a thirst for adventure. Marco is a stableboy who wants to stay at home. These two brothers thought they had their lives figured out... but when the Dragon Crusade set out for the east to recover stolen treasures, they find themselves thrown into adventures they weren't expecting!

The Dragon Lord Saga is a five-volume fantasy adventure series by Jonny Jimison, loaded with talking horses, warrior princesses, cursed satchels, slapstick humor, hooded bandits and some very, very bad puns.

Volume One: Martin and Marco is currently out of print... but I am currently remastering the book in color for a second edition! For the latest news on that - as well as new pages from the remastering - please consider becoming a patron on my Patreon page! Click here for more information.

Volume Two: The River Fox is now available!

Volume Three: Dragons and Desperados is coming soon! Stay tuned for more information!

Want more Martin and Marco? Here are some bonus comics - side-stories set in the world of the Dragon Lord Saga!

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